board of directors

brie mahar - president

Co-founder, Brie has been serving on the board since 2011. Brie was adopted as an infant from Kolkata, India and grew up in Oregon. In 2011, she and her husband adopted their daughter from Kolkata. Brie is a registered nurse and resides in Oregon with her husband and three children.    


Kristi Werre - Executive Director

Co-founder, Kristi has served on the board since 2011 and became director in 2016. Previously, Kristi was a special education teacher. She and her husband have five beautiful children, three of whom happen to be from Kolkata, India. Kristi and family live in Idaho.  

jason werre - treasurer

A founding member, Jason has been volunteering on the board since 2011. Jason has a degree in justice and has worked as a youth counselor, juvenile probation officer, and now owns his own construction business. Three of his children are adopted from Kolkata, India. Jason and family live in Idaho.  

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julie ross - secretary

Julie is a founding member and has been serving on the board since 2011. A whiz at graphic design and editing, Julie’s experience in the non-profit world began in 2003, assisting chronically ill children. She and her husband have adopted two children of their own from Kolkata and Pune, India. The Ross family makes their home in Washington. 

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ryan underwood

Ryan has served on the board since 2012. He is the CEO and Chief Leadership Officer of TeamTri. Ryan specializes in building up strengths in leaders to maximize impact. He’s also skilled in strategic planning and has a big heart for the underprivileged. Ryan resides in Oklahoma with his wife and two children.

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Aanal joined the board in May 2018. She is the Renewals Lead at Marketo. Aanal has a passion for empowering and educating impoverished girls in India, particularly in the area of technology. Representing the millennial generation and wise beyond her years, she is always ready to jump in and take action. Aanal lives in Georgia.


Missy konijeti

Missy joined the board in May 2018. Currently, she's completing her Masters in Social Work with plans to become a counselor. Bringing energy and fresh ideas to the board, Missy has a strong connection to India as her husband was born there and they adopted their daughter from Kolkata in 2007. Missy and her husband and their two children live in Kentucky.

kristen reynolds

Kristen joined the board in October 2018. She is the Senior Director of Product and Innovation at SAP. After traveling to India with her job, Kristen developed a love for the country and people. A professionally trained and certified business coach, she brings strong leadership skills to assist in developing and executing goals and strategies. Kristen lives in Oregon with her husband and children.


advisory board

ian forber-pratt

Founder of Foster Care India, Ian was on the frontlines at the government level implementing a foster care system in India. Currently, Ian is the India Director for Children's Emergency Relief International (CERI). Ian and his wife and son live in Missouri.

sandy moten

Sandy is a pediatric physical therapist. Her knowledge in the field of physical therapy is valuable to our work in the Special Needs Project. She and her husband have three boys, one of whom was adopted from India. Sandy and her family live in Idaho.

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tami davidson

Tami is a social worker and has been working in adoption and orphan care in India for over a decade.  Mom to three, two of her children are adopted from India. Tami and her family make their home in Colorado.  



jay williams

Jay is the Founder and Managing Principal of the Stoneridge Group. He is passionate about orphan care and has been instrumental in pushing Illuminate India to the next level to make a greater impact. Jay lives in Georgia with his wife and two children.



christine anderson

Christine is the Children's Director at Rock Harbor Church in Meridian, Idaho.  She loves advocating for children and families and has a strong knowledge of child development. Christine and her family live in Idaho.



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