The career pathways project prevents human trafficking,

and ends the cycle of poverty in each child's life.  


200+ children provided with: 

  • education

  • Vocational education

  • career training

  • daily Lunch

  • Higher education when secondary is completed

Career pathways started with a computer lab 

We started this project in 2014 by funding a computer lab. Children here are learning basic computer skills to expand their education and give them exposure to technology as a possible career choice. In 2016 we expanded the computer lab by adding 5 more computers. Today there are 52 children learning basic computer skills in the Career Pathways Program.

Towards the end of the year in 2015, we funded sewing machines in Kakdwip so that a group of older children could learn tailoring skills. Today there are 23 girls learning tailoring skills in Kakdwip, and 8 more in the Sewing Training program in Kolkata.    

Currently raising funds To:

  • Hire additional English Instructors to teach conversational English to 10th grade students in Kakdwip. NEED $1,800

  • Cover the next session (May 2019 - May 2020) of the Sewing Training Program for 5 girls in the Kolkata slum areas. BECOME A SEWING SPONSOR

Sewing Training in Kolkata Slum area

This training (facilitated by our partner, Tabitha's Heart) began in April 2017 with 8 teenage girls who live in two slum areas of Kolkata. The girls range in age from 13 to 18 and none of them have the ability to complete their education due to poverty. Some of these girls have never attended school.

The first class graduated with a certificate in advanced sewing on May 2. The next class has already begun. This training empowers vulnerable girls to support themselves and move out of the slums.

To run this training costs just $550 per month which covers:  

  • Rent of a small flat in Kolkata with a bathroom and partial kitchen

  • Skilled instructor

  • 4 half days of training

  • 12 sewing machines to train with

  • Lunch provided each day

  • Length of the training depends on the ability and motivation of each student but is estimated to run about 12 months.

  • Each girl who completes the training will receive their very own sewing machine and supplies to start their own businesses immediately.

our vision for the future of this project

  • Fund more English teachers.

  • Provide cooking classes.

  • Offer pathways to several different career options as children finish (or can't finish) their secondary education.

  • Provide safe housing options once the teen girls age out of the children's home and are in the vocational education and training program.

  • Develop a micro-loan program for students who want to start their own business.

There are 29 teenage girls at our Kakdwip project.  We asked them, "What do you want to be when you grow up?".  We believe EVERYONE should get to dream about the answer to that question.  Helping them achieve their dreams will eliminate their risk of being trafficked.  These teen girls attend school and will be trained in the vocation of their choice.  

Help Break the cycle of poverty!