join us for the 2nd annual Curry for a child Day on 9/29/18!

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create a team and raise $360 to feed an orphan with special needs

for an entire year!  together we can feed 30 children for 1 year.

Watch this to learn more

The 1st annual Curry for a child on 9/30/17 was a huge success!  

we hope you'll be inspired to join us for the next one on 9/29/18!  

How you can help

  • Grab some friends and form a team.  It can be small or large, you decide.

  • Set a goal - raise $360 to feed an orphan with special needs for an entire year!  If you have 10 team members, each person raises just $36!

  • Sign up below to join our online crowdfunding page.  We've already set up your template for you!

on September 29, 2018

  • Eat curry together on 9/29/18. Eat out or make it at home. Recipes below.  

  • Share your plans on social media so others will be inspired to join the Curry for a Child campaign so we can feed more children!

  • During your dinner, post on social media, and/or use facebook live.  

  • When posting, use the hashtag #curryforachild

link to Sign up for 2018 curry for a child will be available by 7/15/18

learn more about the children you're feeding

Orphans with special needs living at the Indian Society for the Rehabilitation of Children (ISRC)

curry recipes

Get some inspiration here for what to cook on Curry for a Child Day!



lahori chicken curry with whole spices and potatoes

This is cooking in the video below.  It's a tried and true recipe and one of our favorites!

recipes by vanitha bhat

Vanitha is a food blogger at Curry and Vanilla.  

Her site features a variety of Indian dishes as well as international cuisine and tasty desserts.



Aloo Tikka Masala



Creamy Mali Kofta Curry (No onion, no garlic)



Basic Indian Curry Sauce