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Heidi and darlene - mt. Kilimanjaro

In September 2014, Heidi and Darlene climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise money for our Special Needs Orphans project.  They got sponsors from all over the world to pledge money towards their fundraiser.  They had a flag made with the names of all of their sponsors and when they reached the top, they spread out the flag to honor them.  

Heidi and Darlene raised $19,000 for special needs orphans!  Their donation helped us complete a campaign to provide a new home for the special needs children, as well as covered 4 months of nutritious foods, special education, physical therapy, and speech therapy for the children at ISRC.   

In June, 2016, the flag arrived in Kolkata, India where it is now displayed at ISRC's new building.

Rachel - craft sales

Rachel has a big heart and set out to help orphans in Kolkata.  She created items to sell at craft fairs and raised over $600 for special needs orphans.

yvonne - mt. lemmon and javelina Jundred

Yvonne Marathon Event.jpg

In April 2012, Yvonne ran the Mt. Lemmon Marathon and raised over $600 for special needs orphans at ISRC.  In November 2014, Yvonne ran 100 miles in 26 hours and 55 minutes to raise $1,400!  The funds went to provide de-worming meds and school fees for children living in the slums of Kolkata!

Arun - donated his birthday

For his third birthday, Arun decided to ask his friends and family to donate money to the special needs orphans at ISRC in Kolkata, instead of give him gifts.  His birthday party raised over $700!  

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