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Event Coordinator -NICHOLE FLOREs 

Nichole has been volunteering with us since 2011. Over the past 8 years, she has organized many small events as well as full-scale Curry for a Cause events to raise funds for impoverished children in India. She is our event guru and can train anyone (you!) to host a successful fundraiser event in their own city.  



Members: Maggie Rangan, Julie Ross, Tami Davidson, Amy Kotha, Nichole Flores, Kristy LaBonte, Sheri Kumar, Missy Konijeti, Shefali Shah, Stephanie Hopkins, Liberty McClelland, Janet Kodra, Pam DeArmon, Gigi Fenwick, Rachel Stanfill, Leena Mehta, Christina Hess

This team raises funds for projects led on the ground by our partner Indian Society for the Rehabilitation of Children (ISRC) in Kolkata. Main focus is on children who have been abandoned, relinquished and/or have special needs.


Idaho volunteer - Trupti Gawai

Trupti has been volunteering with us since 2012. She has offered up her many talents during our Curry for a Cause and Curry for a Child Challenge events. Trupti draws beautiful henna, performs Bollywood dance, and is an amazing chef. Best of all is her huge heart for helping children in need. She’s a priceless addition to our Idaho fundraising team!


idaho volunteer - shailaja shettigara

For the past two years, Shailaja has been the Culture Coordinator for Curry for a Cause in Idaho. She’s been able to secure amazing food, Bollywood dancers, and henna artists for the event. Last year, she was our MC at Curry for a Cause as well. We are so grateful for her and her compassionate heart for children in need.

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photography - 

                                 Darin Pfeiffer, Carissa Gormley, Allie Harrington, Catie Kotmel, Julie Ross

logo design -

Jonah Werre

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