Who Started Illuminate India and Why?

Here's a brief history.  Read more on the About section of the website.

We're Brie and Kristi, friends who founded Illuminate India in 2011.  

Adoption brought us together, as we were both in process to adopt our children from India through the same adoption agency.  We ended up traveling to Kolkata with our husbands at the exact same time to bring our children home.  

During that trip, we became aware of a financial crisis that the children's home in Kolkata (where our children had lived) was facing.  Both of us felt strongly that we couldn't ignore this information or the faces of the children who remained in that home.  It was amazing to both of us how strong the pull was to get involved.  A few months after our return to the U.S., we founded Illuminate India.

We want Illuminate India to be a place where compassionate people can make a difference together.  

As Mother Teresa said, "We can all do small things with great love, and together we can do something wonderful".  

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