Thinking about becoming a sponsor?  

Your top questions are answered here.


1. How much does it cost to sponsor a child and what does it cover?

It costs $35 each month ($420 per year) to sponsor a child in the Career Pathways program.  Your donation provides the following for the child you are matched with:

  • All basic education fees
  • Nutritious meals
  • Vocational training:
    • basic computer skills
    • tailoring training
    • English tutoring

There are some non-basic secondary education fees, career skills/college degree program costs, and housing costs that are not covered by your sponsorship.  These costs are covered for the entire career pathways program through Illuminate India fundraisers, or by private donations. 

2. Can I communicate with my sponsor child?

Yes!  Twice a year, you'll have the opportunity to exchange letters with your sponsor child.  Once by email, and once through physical letters transported by Illuminate India staff.  You'll receive notice well in advance of both opportunities for communication. 

3. Can I visit the child I'm sponsoring?

Yes.  You are welcome to visit your sponsor child.  We do ask that you contact us at least 1 month prior to your visit so we can arrange a staff person to accompany you.

4. Can I send gifts to my sponsor child?

We advise against sending gifts at this time.  The postal system in India is unreliable and packages don’t always arrive at the intended destination.  Also, your sponsor child shares a home with other children and not all of them have sponsors yet, leaving potential for hurt feelings.

5. How much of my donation helps the child?

100% of your donation goes to provide meals, education, and vocational education for your sponsor child.  

6. What happens when my sponsor child leaves the children's home?

You will have the opportunity to continue investing in your sponsor child's future during their participation in a college degree program or career skills training program.  Since each child's career track will be unique to them, we will keep you updated on the details specific to your sponsor child.  This process doesn't begin until the child has either passed or failed the 12th grade exit examination. 

7.  Who are the children available for sponsorship right now? (Edited from the original post)

This question has an ever-changing answer!  Email for current info on the children who need a sponsor.