Just as Summer is in full swing here, monsoon rains are beginning in West Bengal.  The children's home in Kakdwip does not have glass in the windows.  You can imagine how wet it gets inside the building during monsoon season.  

Recently, a 6th grade teacher in New York contacted us.  Her class was just beginning a unit on India and as she was showing a powerpoint she'd created, the students started saying they wanted to raise money for needy children in India.    

Their teacher was amazed at their big hearts.  And we are, too!  After discussing options, they decided to do a class fundraiser with a goal to raise $571.21 to provide the glass for the windows in Kakdwip.  We just received news that their fundraiser was a success and they reached the goal.  

Enterprise Charter.png

Their big hearts reached all the way to India to help those less fortunate than themselves.  Kindness wins!  

Thank you to Mrs. Malysza's 6th grade class at Enterprise Charter School.  You are an inspiration to the world!