The girls in the sewing program have logged 4 months of training!  

Attendance has been great and all the girls have expressed how much they enjoy coming to class each day.  They are learning so much and their confidence is growing!  

Check out these recent pictures taken of them during class.  


We anticipate that the program will be complete in 6 to 8 more months, but it will depend on the skill level of the students.  When each girl completes the program, she'll leave with a certificate and a sewing machine and she'll be able to start her business right away!  

So far, we have funding for 5 of the 8 sewing machines needed to give the girls on completion.  One sewing machine is just $85 and we need 3 more.  If you want to help a child in a tangible way, this is it!    Click here to donate a sewing machine.