"Education is the most powerful weapon

which you can use to change the world."

                                                                                                                                                          - Nelson Mandela

since 2011 we have funded education for

over 700 impoverished children in india.  

Past project: Education

village of kakdwip:

school fees for 165 impoverished children     

a computer lab and the cost of a computer teacher

Access to technology is unusual in a remote village.  The children at our project in Kakdwip are learning basic computer skills to extend their education and prepare them for higher education.

In addition to education, we have also covered nutritious lunches, sponsored two income generating projects that will enable this children's home to become self sufficient, and currently provide vocational training for children who are aging out of the children's home.  Read more about these projects on the nutrition, income generating program, and vocational training project pages.

kolkata - tabitha's heart:

school fees for 500 children living in kolkata's slums


In 2015, we raised funds to sponsor school fees for 500 children living in two slum areas of Kolkata.  We partnered with Tabitha's Heart for this project.    

Tabitha's Heart has two education centers in these slums and provide school fees, lunches, and after school tutoring.  

Kolkata - Indian society for REHABILITATION of children:

special education for special needs orphans

Since 2011, we have been providing special education for 30 special needs orphans at ISRC in Kolkata.  These children's disabilities range from moderate to severe and require a 1:1 student teacher ratio.  In addition to special education, we also provide nutritious foods, physical therapy, and speech therapy.  Read more on the ISRC Special Needs Orphans project page.  

village of falta - naba tarun sangha:

A computer lab

Impoverished boys in the village of Falta come to Naba Tarun Sangha to be educated and fed.  In 2014, we provided a computer lab for the children to extend their education.


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