Whenever I go visit our projects in India, I find a way to have some Bengali Fish Curry.  

The flavors in this dish are over-the-top amazing and I can never get enough!  That's probably why I tend to gain a few pounds on every trip.  :-)  

The flavors of India are the inspiration behind our signature fundraising event:  Curry for a Cause!

Curry for a Cause can be done on a large or small scale.  On a large scale, it's a fun cultural event that features authentic Indian food, henna artists, Bollywood inspired dance performances, and a live or silent auction.  On a small scale it still features the amazing flavors of India, but in a more homey, intimate environment. 

There is a purpose to Curry for a Cause that goes way beyond food and fun.  Funds raised at these events help vulnerable children in India who are stuck in the cycle of poverty.  Each Curry for a Cause host (or team of hosts) chooses which one of our projects they want the proceeds to go toward:  Special Needs Orphans, or Career Pathways.  

So far in 2017, Curry for a Cause is coming to Meridian, Idaho on April 15, Brisbane, Australia on May 4th, and one in Oregon is also in the works.  

It would be AMAZING to have 10 Curry for a Cause events happening this year.  

7 more to go!  If you love Indian food, and have a heart for helping vulnerable children living in poverty, YOU are the partner we are looking for.  You don't have to be "the hostess with the mostest" to put on this event.  Trust me, I don't have mad hostess skills.  But what I do have, is friends with mad hostess skills!  So grab some friends, put your heads together and voila!  

Remember that Bengali Fish Curry I was talking about?  There's a recipe for it on the Indian Simmer blog.  Click the photo to get the recipe and be inspired to host your own Curry for a Cause this year!

Are you ready to take the leap?  Click on the Curry for a Cause page below and get tips for hosting a successful event.  You can fill out the contact form from there or e-mail me directly:  kristi@illuminateindia.org